Presentation of Model of Economy of Care in European Parliament

6 March 2014: Brussels - The International School for the Economy of Care was presented by Thera van Osch during an academic session at the Progressive Economy Annual Forum in the European Parliament in Brussels. She presented the paper ‘Towards a Caring Economic Approach’ to show that a people-centred sustainable economic policy is possible with the model of the economy of care.

The academic sessions were organised around four topics:
• Inequality and the crisis
• Alternatives to austerity
• Reforming European Economic Governance
• Rethinking Economic Policy

For each of these research topics, the Scientific Board highlighted up to ten abstracts of particularly high quality, and invited the selected authors to submit their full papers, all of which are available online at Progressive Economy.

The paper of Thera van Osch was presented in the academic session on ‘Rethinking Economic Policy’ in Room 3H1 of the European Parliament . Her PowerPoint-presentation can be downloaded here . The full text of her paper is available here and on Progressive Economy.

Paper on Economy of Care selected by the Scientific Board of Progresssive Economy

27 January 2014: The Scientific Board of Progressive Economy selected the paper of Thera van Osch ‘Towards a Caring Economic Approach’ for presentation during the Annual Forum of Progressive Economy. On the 6th of March 2014 the paper will be presented by Mrs van Osch during an academic session of Progressive Economy in the European Parliament. The paper explores a paradigm shift in economic thinking from the ‘homo economicus’ to the ’caring human being’. It reinvents the current economic model that we have, and changes it for a human-centered sustainable economic approach. The paper also reveals how economic life will be with policies based on the model of the economy of care. The full paper has been published on Progressive Economy.

In 2013, under the authority of the PE Scientific Board, authors were invited to submit their abstracts. On behalf of the International School for the Economy of Care, Thera van Osch responded to this call for papers. It took several months for the scientific board to select a limited number of papers. The academic sessions during the Annual Forum of Progressive Economy constitute the final stage of a long and very competitive process of selection of papers by the scientific board of Progressive Economy. All selected papers are available here.

The scientific board of Progressive Economy consists of the following economists:

Jean-Paul Fitoussi, LUISS University Rome
Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University
Peter Bofinger, University of Würzburg
Gosta Esping-Andersen, University Pompeu Fabra
James K. Galbraith, Lyndon B. Johnston School of Public Affairs, Texas
Ilene Grabel, University of Denver
Stephany Griffith-Jones, IPD, Columbia University
Andras Inotai, World Economic Institute, Budapest
Louka Katseli, University of Athens
Kate Pickett, University of York
Lucrezia Reichlin, London School of Economics
Jill Rubery, University of Manchester
Frank Vandenbroucke, University of Leuven (KUL)
Charles Wyplosz, The Graduate Institute, Geneva